Josh Bleecher Snyder

Josh Bleecher Snyder

Easily excited

Appears in 6 Episodes

Iota: whisper.cpp

Links:my little whisper.cpp bug fixwhy the logits were calculated inconsistentlywav2vec2 on arxiv and huggingfacethe openai whisper asr model announcementbeam search p...

Iota: Random algorithms

In which I ramble about randomness and random algorithms. Now with theme music!Paper Cuts planned reading: Habitability and Piecemeal Growth, in Patterns of Software (...

Write It Down with Shay Nehmad

Shay Nehmad on how writing is the key to becoming a better engineer, how to do it, and more.Links:* Cup O' Go podcast* Code Complete book* Shay's blog* Obsidian and Lo...

Litestream and LiteFS with Ben Johnson

This was a fun and decidedly humbling conversation with Ben Johnson about SQLite, databases, Litestream, and LiteFS.Links:Ben on GitHubLitestreamLiteFS 

Iota: Rolling Hashes and FastCDC

No guest for this inaugural episode--just me this round.I cover the basics of rolling hashes and FastCDC, which appears to be the state of the art in content defined c...


The plan: Guests teach me substantive topics in software engineering, and I ask dumb questions.Please send guest suggestions, topic ideas, excitement, and monopoly mon...

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